Eileen Horwitz

I have continued to take many different classes over the years and have been inspired by my teachers, fellow students and the supportive and collegial atmosphere we all work in.

Both my husband and I love to travel and I always take my watercolors and brushes with me finding inspiration wherever we go.  Another source has been a discovery I made several years ago. A favorite uncle had died and among his possessions I found a series of very old postcards of Venice at night. Those postcards are the inspiration of many of my paintings.

I like to fill my work with vibrancy and liveliness.  I hope my paintings make people feel good.  I like to smile and I like to make others smile as well.


I have been involved in the arts for many years:  an art history major, an interior decorator, a principal in a design arts firm, and an arranger of silk flowers.  But it wasn’t until I took my first watercolor class at the Handicraft Club in 2002 that a new world opened to me.

Watercolor remains my favorite medium because it gives me the freedom to be loose and unstudied.